ART classes

My art classes is for all art lovers

In all my art classes, each student’s individual pleasure in creating something is very important. For this, my students have complete creative freedom. With guidance and the right materials, we were able to hold art exhibitions around the school for colleagues and parents. We create incredible gifts and even toys. All my classes are based on “Projects”, that is, we will always build something cool.

We make sculptures.
I teach technical drawings to students.
We discover the power of paints.
We make 3D animals.
And recently I will be including a good introduction of physical computing for students aged 6 and up.

Mrs Jo

For grade 4, 5 and 6!
This activity involves mathematics, geography, drawing and a lot of perception! Let’s create a map on each page. Children can examine their place in the world around them through detailed, immersive maps.
We create masks for any party!
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