About Jojo

Graduated in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, postgraduate in Bilingual Teaching Practices, with some specializations in Thangka Painting (Nepal), Contemporary Art (Brazil), Expanded Media (Canada), among other courses such as Scientific Writing, Neuroeducation in Practice and others. Learning, practicing and teaching is my path.

Jojo (Joanna) lives in Kjipuktuk, Sipekne’katik District, which since time immemorial has been the traditional unceded territory and ancestral homeland of the Mi’kmaq Nation.

Jo’s ongoing practice utilizes painting, sculpture, video art, installation and public art to challenge perceptions and showcase her paths to wellness through art.

Over the last 25 years, Jojo has participated in group and individual exhibitions nationally and internationally. As a nomad she crossed the planet a some times, always in search of new knowledge.

As an art teacher, she is always creating new art classes with new and creative methodologies for elementary and middle school students. In art classes the focus is on motor development, visual perception and direct experience with fun interactive and artistic projects and well-being.

Jojo is currently working deeply on Expanded Media, preparing installations, video art and art classes. And as always writing!