About jojo

Visual Artist, Author, Nomad, Expanded Media Arts, She/Her, Actress, Art teacher…

“Through visual art, we embrace the freedom to explore multicultural boundaries while expressing our true colors and breathing life into our deepest emotions.”

Jojo (Joana) is a visual artist, actress, author and art teacher. Today she lives in North America, in the Mi’kma’ki ancestral territory.

Jo’s ongoing practice utilizes painting, sculpture, video-art, installation and public art to challenge perceptions and show pathways to well-being through art.

Over the last 20 years, Jojo has participated in some collective and individual exhibitions at national and international level.

As an art teacher, she always prepares new art lessons for elementary school students. In art classes for children the focus is on motor development, visual perception and direct experience with interactive and fun projects.

Jojo is currently working deeply on Expanded Media Art, preparing future exhibitions, installations, video-art and art classes.

This is my space. I hope you find some thing that you like! 


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